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Pet Fusion Guide : Learn how to create new Pets on rohan

Pets are about to get their single biggest upgrade yet, as Rohan introduces its latest patch, Pet Fusion!

Here’s a simple guide that will help you with your Pet Fusion exploration!
Read on for more details…
Pet Fusion allows you to combine two Level 3 pets into an all new, more powerful pet! These new pets have new skills to help you in your adventures. Find out which pet is best for you!
This noble creature increases your movement speed. They also remember locations for you and bring you to them.
These helpful fairies pick up items for you and increase your stats.
This unicorn defends and auto-heals you in battle, as well as reducing your casting time.
This regal creature lends you his strength in battle, increasing your HP and attack speed and reducing critical damage.
In order to create these pets, you will have to combine 2 pets of any kind that are already level 3 plus the Pet Combination Item (Lion Crown, Unicorn Horn, Fairy Wing, and Dragon Sphere).

These items are available in the Item Mall. Check Screenshots below.
• Fairy Wing
Combine any 2 level 3 pets to create Queen Fairy.
90% chance for successful combine.
 • Dragon Sphere 
Combine any 2 level 3 pets to create Royal Dragon.
90% chance for successful combine.
 • Lion Crown 
Combine any 2 level 3 pets to create King Lion.
90% chance for successful combine.
 • Unicorn Horn 
Combine any 2 level 3 pets to create Empress Unicorn.
90% chance for successful combine.
How to Combine?
Simply double click the Pet Combination Item from your inventory.
• A window will pop up once you double click your Pet Combination item, simply put your level 3 pets at the blank boxes.
• Click on the Forge button to proceed with the Pet Fusion
• A small window will pop up showing you your newly fuse pet. Just click the confirm button to close.
Screenshots below show a player trying to create an Empress Unicorn Pet using two level 3 pets.

Forging Process

In the event of failure during the pet fusion, both level 3 pets will be preserved but take note that the Pet Combination Item will be LOST or CONSUMED. (Please do take note that there are cases wherein the “FAILED” notice won’t appear in case of Failed fusion.)

In case of a combination failure, the level 3 Pet icon will be invisible (and the PET Combination Item will be consumed or used).  Your two level 3 Pets are still in your inventory. For the Pet icon to re-appear, kindly log-out your character and reconnect to the game.
In case of combination failure, your Pet Combination item will be lost without the “failed” notice.

At this time, these pets can eat Organic Animal Meal sold by the Pet NPC, and any item mall sold foods.

Advantages of Fused Pets
• Pet Fusion is very important and useful in Rohan, you can now have two skills by summoning a single pet. This will surely help you in your leveling or battle.
• You can choose from 4 varieties of new pets
- Queen Fairy – Increases your status and picks up items
- Empress Unicorn – Auto heal and reduces casting time
- Royal Dragon – Remembers your location and increases movement speed
- King Lion – Increases HP and attack speed. Reduces critical damage you receive

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